Title: Hydro-Tectonics & Fault-zone Aquifers

Author: Nayyer A. Zaligham, and Omar S. Aburizaiza

Edition: 1st 2019

Size: 21x29 cm.

Extent: 312 pages.

ISBN: 9960-06-943-5

About the Book:

This book elaborates non-conventional groundwater resources in hard rock aquifers in highly deformed basement shield rocks especially in the western rifted margin along the Red Sea. The principal author of this publication has half a century’s experience in the field of Geosciences with the Geological Survey of Pakistan, the University of Karachi, the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, and the King Abdulaziz University Jeddah; and has incorporated numerous case studies from different countries. The publication would be an enormous contribution towards all the stakeholders in the realms of Groundwater in the Arabian Peninsula in particular and elsewhere in the world in general.

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